Project title: Innovative educational tools
Financing: Project is financing by European Union in frame of program Erasmus+, Action 2: Strategic Partnerships
Project implementation period:  01.12.2018 – 30.11.2020
Project Leader: European Foundation of Development from Nowy Sącz (PL)
Project Partners:
- Základní škola H. Sienkiewicze s polským jazykem vyučovacím Jablunkov form CZECH REPUBLIC
-Základná skola - Grundschule Kežmarok from SLOVAKIA
-Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny w Kamionce Wielkiej form POLAND

The aim of this project is creating, testing, polishing and popularising as well as providing stability in using an innovative educational tool ( on-line SIMULATIVE PLATFORM- which simulates the work of social network) in media didactics among the youth from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia while duration of the project.
Educational innovation (game) will influence on acquiring and improving the ability and the competence in effective digital communication of the youth. It will shape the social participation competence, it will also help to exchange information, as well as, sensitise the youth on dangers connected with digital media. It will also allow to equip schools and teachers in appropriate educational tools, which will naturally support the formal school education. The project is the answer to educational needs of students from primary schools.

The project target groups:
1) primary schools and instructional institution (about 19 thousand primary schools in affiliate countries),
2) educational staff- IT teachers, form teachers, pedagogues (about 30 thousand teachers),
3) the youth (about 2 million students at the age of 10-14),
4) at the stage of popularising – school management staff, teachers, pedagogues, school psychologists, the schools’ governing bodies, policy makers, high schools educating teachers and students.