European Foundation of Development was established on 12.12.2012 year as a new subjest on nongovernmental map of Nowy Sącz city.

The Foundation realizes its goals by:
1. Stimulating the development of entrepreneurship and the creation of new jobs,
2. Organizing training and information actions,
3. Organizing expeditions and research,
4. Rural development measures,
5. Supporting socially excluded groups, helping people in difficult situations,
6. Support for bottom-up initiatives.
7. Supporting youth and educational institutions.

The above mentioned objectives are realized in particular within the following initiatives: entrepreneurship, education, human rights, social welfare, environmental protection, health care, culture, regional and local development, sport, tourism and recreation.

The Foundation operates on many levels i.e. starting from the nearest area by developing of education in the area of the Kamionka Wielka rural community, by taking action on a regional scale in building the civic competences of the Voluntary Fire Brigades from the Malopolska Region, initiating cross-border activities in the field of training for Mountain and Water Rescuers to improve security in this area as well as takes international actions by supporting development of education in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine through the transfer of educational solutions developed in Visegrad countries, ie Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

European Foundation of Development specialized in:

1. Gaining of EU funds from Polish and external funds;

2. Preparing and developing training application forms financed from external resources addressed to:

- Employees of companies,
- Employees of local self-government units;
- Employees of non-governmental organizations;
- School and school workers;
- The unemployed and inactive people.

3. Acquire external funds for:

- Starting a business;
- Development of micro, small and medium enterprises;
- Development of agritourism farms;
- Innovative investments;
- Development of non-governmental organizations.

4. Consultancy and training in:

- Acquisition of EU funds;
- Create and manage your own company;
- Project management;
- Organizational, economic and legal consultancy for micro, small and medium enterprises;
- Personnel management;
- Business Negotiation;
- Searching for reliable business partners;
- Public procurement;
- Public assistance;
- Preparation of tender documentation;
- Professional counseling;
- Professional and industry training;
- Training assertiveness, self-presentation, interpersonal communication, mediation skills, problem solving, ethics, leadership, planning, time management;
- Managerial training such as business ethics, marketing, employee recruitment, business communication, professional contacts;
- Trading training such as trade negotiations, sales techniques, professional customer service, quality management;
- Computer and IT training;
- Integration training;
- Management of non-governmental organizations.

5. Creating strategic documents:

- Business plans
- Feasibility studies;
- Business development strategies;
- Local development strategies;
- SWOT analysis;
- Individual Development Plans.

The European Foundation of Development creates a team of trainers, advisers and experts with high interpersonal skills with comprehensive knowledge from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

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